Ambi Climate

A.I. Powered. Air Conditioning Redefined.

Ambi Climate

$229 (+free shipping)

The world's first A.I. powered heatpump controller. Using built-in sensors and artificial intelligence, Ambi climate detects and analyses multiple factors that determine how warm or cold you feel

Change the way you control your heatpump, not just temperature; Ambi Climate considers temperature, humidity, sunlight, weather, and more.

The Ambi Climate learns from your feedback and habits, and automatically adjusts your heatpump to deliver the ideal heating/cooling for your home and save you energy.

Ambi Climate supports almost any heatpump with an IR remote that has an LCD screen on it, compatible with over 50 brands and 1,000 remotes.

Control your heatpump with your Smartphone

From the next room, across town, or around the world, and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Perfect comfort in changing conditions

Automatically adjusts your heatpump for optimal comfort with energy savings

Smarter tools for your air conditioner

Visual timers, temperature and humidity rules, and geolocation

Smarter comfort via artificial intelligence

Senses your environment, learns your preferences and auto-adjusts your heatpump

Ideal temperature for your whole family

Auto-set conditions to keep your family, pets and your home comfortable.

Easy to set up

Setting up an Ambi is easy on your phone, taking just 5 minutes and a few steps

What's in the box?

  • Ambi Climate 2nd Edition
  • AC Power Plug Adapter
  • USB Power Cable
  • User Manual